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The scopolamine is known on the street as The Devil's Breath and can cause suggestibility and amnesia.The plant that it comes from is common in South America which makes it popular with Colombian criminals.The scariest part about it is that it's a completely odorless and tasteless powder that can simply be blown into a victim's face.Once that happens, the victim will do anything that the robber says.everything from emptying their bank account to opening the front door of their own house.and the worst part is, they'll remember none of it the next day.

we will give you more information about where it came from a plant called the birch arrow shrub found in Colombia and basically when the seeds are extracted and processed it produces a chemical called burundanga which is similar to scopolamine and interestingly enough the brochure plant has been used for hundreds of years by native South Americans in spiritual rituals all right umber four the compound is said to lead to hallucinations frightening images and of course a lack of free will amnesia can also occur leaving the victim powerless to recall the events or identify perpetrators according to a 1995 Wall Street Journal article about half of emergency room admissions in Bogota Colombia were for porn manga poisoning alright guys number three this thing is also available in prescription thing is also available in prescription motion sickness .

You can actually wear a patch that has the ingredients in it right behind your ear and it will prevent you from having motion sickness or having nausea and it basically seeps through a membrane that is rate through a membrane that is rate through and it goes into your bloodstream slowly and the low dosage preme prevents anything weird from happening in most people it's typically worn for about three days before being replaced alright guys number two high doses can alright guys number two high doses can Department said on their website that scopolamine can render a victim unconscious for about 24 hours or more unconscious for about 24 hours or more widely used unofficial estimates of scopolamine events are about 50,000 per scopolamine events are about 50,000 per respiratory failure and death however that happens only with like say oral that happens only with like say oral form or liquid form as opposed to being blown in your face or being absorbed by soaked paper hopefully I'm not giving soaked paper hopefully .

looking at a living testimony of remember the 50000 incidents we talked about earlier in Colombia that happen every year basically most of those incidents happened in nightclubs and bars you know the whole date rape type thing you know the whole date rape type thing that would happen but sometimes it's the that would happen but sometimes it's the that would happen but sometimes it's the targeted by attractive young women does that surprise you it's not surprising to me and there you have it guys five facts about The Devil's breath drug .

it was used by the CIA as a truth serum and also it was used by the Nazis to experiment on the Jews.




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