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Fans uses evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature, integrating ventilation to high pressure mist. Small water droplets are flash evaporated generating temperature drop up to 15° C (27°F) and an instant sensation of coolness and heat relief. Feel more comfortable at your place, create a mystic environment and improve your company’s productivity with the new Haigint Fan. Wherever heat is a problem, Haigint Mobile Fan is the solution to provide cooling and instant relief. 

Brand Name HAIGINT
Power 220v or 110v
Mist distance 20-30m
Frequency 50HZ
Blade size 26 Inch
Speed 3
Voltagge 220V/110V
Height 1.7-1.9 adjustable
Tank Color black
Motor all copper

no residual moisture compared to low and mid pressure system. 

Our Do-IT-Yourseif Kits are designed with installer in mind and includes everything you need for quick and easy installation.

Each system comes with our 1000psi high pressure pump.


Where the misting fan used?

A. Humidifying,cooling,noise reducing

1.Bus stations;

2.train stationextemal;

3.Air port terminal external;

4.All kinds of exhibition, expo,fair;

5.The beach,swimming pool,clubhouse;

6.Other open area.

B.Landscaping, beauty & remove haze

1.Rockery, boskage, lakes, scenic spot;

2.Villas, townhouse & other high-end house;

3.Farm stay,shopping malls & others place for decoration;

4.Support the stage effect.


C.Watering,planting, spraying for Greenhouse, farm and garden

1.Precious flowers,plants,trees;

2.Mushrooms & seeding;

3.Vegetable greenhouse,orchards & nurseries;

4.Sunshine ecological restaurant.

D.Sterilizing,dedusting, mosquit & flies removing

1.Stockbreeding industry of chicken farm,Cattle Farm etd;

2.Durm area to kill virus & bacteria and remove odor;

3.Open public place remove mosquit & flies;

4.Mining,explosion-proof remove the dust;

5.Public washroom remove odor;

6.Infectious disease & epidemic area kill virus & bacteria.


26 inch


Drop the temperature up to 4-8 degrees


Big water tank, Continuous work 8 houts.


Used FOR: Work shop, Outdoor Restaurant, Greenhouses, Farms and etc.

Basic date

  • Power:   100-260W
  • Voltage:  220V/110V
  • Frequency:  50HZ
  • Cool the area:  30-40 sq.m
  • The scale of drop in the temperature:  3-6℃
  • Scope:  Department,shop,farm,etc.

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